Saturday, November 04, 2006

Then There Was One

It has been a huge day for the TBC. Particularly for members of the Tri Blog Alliance. At this point, with a single exception, they have all completed the journey to finish their first Ironman race. And with any luck, Nancy will complete the race before I complete this post. She was on track to complete the course around the 16 hour point.

So, there are some celebrations in order.

Tri Mama
Tri Daddy
Tri Geek Kahuna
Robo Stu
Tri Boomer
You have accomplished a task few ever even consider attempting. And you shared in the entire journey with the rest of the TBC. For this, we thank you. Now, enjoy some well deserved rest. We anxiously await your race reports, and will understand if it takes a bit for them to be posted.
Awesome job!

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Wendy said...

Thanks for posting the updates, Pol. Awesome showing by the TBC.