Sunday, November 19, 2006


This morning, Mrs. Pol and I became godparents. My best friend's daughter was baptised, and we are honored to have been asked to help out in her christian development. It is a role we both take seriously, and hope to be good guides and role models. Since she is only about 6 months younger than Monster Girl, they will likely be in the same grade in school, so we are likely to see a lot of both their daughters, anyway.

After the baptism and a celebration luncheon, it was on the road for training. Given the timing, I opted for a 10 mile run instead of a swim. Still, that's 17 swims in 19 days. I see minor improvements, already. And I'm assuming this will be much like running and that many of the improvements will come after my body has had time to integrate the lessons learned and recover a bit from the added stress of the greatly increased swim load.

Tomorrow, it's a day off for a visit to the doctor. I've had some sharp pain in my belly button, and want to confirm or rule out an abdominal hernia. If that is the issue, I'll want to resolve it as soon as possible. If it isn't, I'll be interested in what it might be. While I avoid doctors when the likely outcome is "You're sick, go home and rest," I don't hesitate to visit when their expertise is needed.

Either way, I'll have something about which to blog, tomorrow.


Bolder said...

congrats on being godparents!

hope the doctor's visit goes well.

Comm's said...

well wishes on the stomach thing. Lets just hope your a little constipated.

Tri-Dummy said...

Great to hear your take on Godparenting. Really cool!

Ditto on the DR visit.

momo said...

congratulations on being asked to be godparents - its such an honor!

Veeg said...

Hope you feel better soon, Big Brotha!