Sunday, November 05, 2006

The Longest Yards

After six days of November, it is easy to see what Mike Ricci of D3 Multisports refers to as "high volume" swimming. This past week was definitely high volume, from an Iron Pol viewpoint.

As mentioned previously, Mike's plan is for me to complete 30 swims in 30 days. In addition to that guidance, Mike gave me a general routine to follow. As closely as possible, I did that, this week.

To date, this year, I have completed just over 96,000 yards of swimming. Of that, 9500 yards were completed in the past six days. So, 10% of my swimming this year was completed in about 2% of available days. The most intense training month was July, with 17369 yards in preparation for the Olympic distance triathlon in August. That will pale in comparison to November.

That makes it easy to say why Mike is so confident that I will be a much better swimmer in December than I was in October. It also makes it easy to see why he is confident that it would take months to achieve the same results.

With Ironman approaching in less than 300 days, and Mike providing the motivation and guidance for me to put in solid training in the pool, I added one weapon to my arsenal. In honor of what will be the new and improved swimming abilities, I picked up this beauty.
It should help me when it comes to those open water swims. And if the figures I have seen regarding time improvements using a wetsuit are even close to accurate, it will save me quite a bit of time in the water.
Best of all is that it is one better than I originally planned on purchasing. On sale, it was only $15 more than the Orca Evo I planned on buying. It made sense to go with the better wetsuit for that minor a price difference.
There are 24 days left in November. That means 24 more swims, barring any challenges getting to the pool. That gives me 24 more days to get ready for when the real training starts, and Mike's progressively more challenging sessions begin. In the end, it will make me stronger, more confident, and better prepared for a 2.4 mile swim in the Ohio River.
Swim training, anyone?


KyleKaboom said...

Nice suit. I was waiting until this tri store put their old models on sale but of course they're not doing that this year.
Maybe you fit in an open water before Thanksgiving. Yeah right. A little cold. I'll bet you're dying to try it out though.

Bigun said...

It took a cold swim last year to get me to part with the green to buy the Ironman Stealth wetsuit, but it was well worth it! Way to pound out the swimming - I just admitted to my wife yesterday that my focus has dwindled on the pool with the long bike and run sessions I've been doing - time to refocus! After my 1/2 next Sunday, and a little break, the 30/30 sounds like a great idea! Keep us posted on your results, PLEASE!