Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Two Seven Oh

A quick glance at the count-down timer for IM Louisville shows 270 and a wake up until race day. For many people, 270 days translates to nine months and represents a fairly significant amount of time. A wedding can be planned in less time. Monster Girl took less time to go from concept to creation (birth). An awful lot can be accomplished in 270 days.

For a triathlete pursuing a first Ironman, 270 is a relatively small number that is only getting smaller. Nine months seems less signficant when you consider the 4-5 months we will be buried in snow. That 270 days for bike training just turned into 120. Given the 6 months it took to go from essentially zero swimming to 1.2 miles, much of the next 9 months will be required to make the jump from 1.2 miles to 2.4 miles. And while 24 weeks is enough to train for a marathon, more is required to train for a marathon that comes after swimming and biking 114.4 miles.

I am confident there is enough time. I am confident in my abilities and those of my coach. One thing I am not is complacent. IM Louisville represents the single greatest individual challenge I've ever undertaken. My coach can provide the guidance. My wife and kids will provide the support. But only I can complete the training and travel the 140.6 miles from start to finish on August 26, 2007. There is no room for complacency.

It's about to get serious around here. Serious training. Serious nutrition. Serious focus. Luckily, through all this seriousness, B-Boy will still be there to let me know I'm a "nutcase."

Which is good.

While I'm sure seriousness will get me somewhere near 140.6 miles, a bit of nuttiness might be required to cover the last little bit.


Comm's said...

Figure out your training nutrition fast and be prepared to toss it all on the curb during the race. Seriously the faster you get training nutrition down for long ride and runs the better you are. In the race...well starting drinking some regular cokes at least a month before the race to get your stomach used to them again.

270...bah! Just a day.

Cliff said...

As comm said,

I am more concern about nutrition than anything else on the race.

From the way you train, I have confidnece u will reach the distance. For me, I am just concern blowing up on the run and spend the last 10 miles sufferfest...

..if it ain't nutty..it ain't fun :)

tarheeltri said...

You have a coach. He gives you workouts. You're not complacent. You're all set. You'll do great!

momo said...

i think just a certain bit of nuttiness is imperative to get us through all the seriousness of the training! you have the absolute right attitude, you'll do great!!

Duane said...

You will make it and we are goig to have a great time following your adventure!