Thursday, November 02, 2006

Loaded Deck

The excitement of an upcoming Ironman race is building. And for the TBC, it is evident how close to race day we have come. It is evident because many of our daily reads are now silent. They are silent because the caretakers are headed towards or already in Florida.

Links that end up on my page are there because the site somehow hits home with me. Perhaps it's someone I have met or spoken to on the phone. Many are people I feel are on a journey I want to follow to its conclusion. Others just crack me up. It is only coincidence if common threads begin to show.

And this week, one of those threads is patently obvious. Many of the bloggers listed on this page are toeing the line in Florida. In alphabetical order, they are:

Bolder - our Canadian transplant and original "start from scratch" triathlete.

Comm - A brave man. After all, who else would refer to Nytro as an Amazon?

Nancy Toby - Stay at home mom who, figuring raising kids just isn't enough challenge, decides to train for an Ironman race. And she lives in Virginia.

TriBoomer - He is completing an arduous season of triathlons to raise funds for cancer research. Keep him in your special prayers as he races as doctors are concerned about pneumonia.

TriDaddy - A former Marine and now an endurance magazine editor. Check his site out for hilarious training tips.

Tri-Geek Kahuna - One half of the Get Your Geek On podcast team, and possibly the only triathlete who refers to himself in the third person AND is referred to by professionals by his screen name.

Tri-Mama - The leader of The Tribe, and half of one of the friendliest tri-couples with whom I've been in contact. And that's a very high bar, as every blogging triathlete I've met has been totally amazing.

So, that's the cast from this blog alone. There are many more out there. Keep them all in your thoughts and prayers, this week. To the best of my knowledge, every one of them is a first timer on the Ironman playing field.

Best of luck to all of you! We'll see you at the finish line and eagerly await your race reports.

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