Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Gotta Run

Have you ever had one of those training weeks? You know the kind. Everything goes perfect. You feel strong, get enough sleep, meet all your training goals, and make all sorts of improvements. Yeah, that kind.

I'm having something the exact opposite of that. Oh, Monday went off without a hitch. Then again, I had the day off and that relieves a lot of the pressure. Tuesday? That was just a mess. The swim went well enough. It was the period right after drying off from the shower when things went awry. There's just something so wrong about putting on your underwear and reaching for your pants only to realize you don't actually have pants. Or a shirt. Sure, the shoes and belt are there. But reminiscent of another morning in the not to distant past, the ever important clothes are hanging on the door. At the house.

And this morning. It started poorly enough. After tip-toeing around the house because Mrs. Pol and Monster Girl were asleep on the living room floor (something about a middle of the night scream/eat/play fest), breaking down boxes for recycling pickup ate up time. I got to the YMCA 20 minutes late. After rushing to get ready, hopping into the shower, and heading to the pool deck, a very helpful lifeguard pointed out that the pool was closed.

That's the kind of information one appreciates BEFORE the pre-swim shower.

So, disregarding Roman Mica's Code 45 warning, I dried out the tri shorts, threw my cycling jersey on, grabbed my running shoes, and headed out to catch at least part of the spin class. Of course, running that late, the only portion I was going to catch was the view, as there were no bikes left.

Oh well, there's always a run. With the now very abbreviated time remaining, I opted for some speedwork and ran a quick 5K. That, at least, went well. It took 21 minutes, and that's a good pace, even using the 3 mile distance I will count.

It just makes me wonder. What does Thanksgiving Day hold in store for my training efforts? One thing is certain. I'm thankful for the ability to get out and train, regardless of how goofed up the days get. I once heard a chief in the Navy say, "A bad day at sea is better than any day on shore." I wanted to punch him in the head, and only a proper upbringing and a disdain for the brig held my hand.

But I will say that a bad training day is better than being unable to train.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Bigun said...

at least you hung in there and got a run in!

tri-mama said...

Aaaaaahhhhhhhh! I've had those workouts. I've taken to calling the Y every time I want to swim to make sure the pool isn't closed. Maybe a little outdoor bike on T Day? We have warm enough weather:-) Whooo hooooo!

Have a super T Day with the fam!

Cliff said...
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Cliff said...

"A bad day at sea is better than any day on shore."

Love that quote IronPol.

I find training is more about staying flexible and not getting myself so work up over things i can't control. My pool always close or fill w/ ppl that i can't get a good decent swim.