Friday, November 10, 2006

Blog Ruling

Okay, so AJ over at Little Miss Runner Pants jumps on a bandwagon about posting daily for 30 days. And then taunts the rest of us to do the same by posting about her new goal. Knowing the competitive nature of triathletes, she HAD to know we would take her up on the challenge.

And there are people agonizing over it. Trigreyhound was nearly in tears over his debilitating injury that prevented him from blogging early in the month. Dozens of bloggers were in Florida for Ironman and faced with limited to zero ability to post. Sure, they completed Ironman, but did they blog 30 days straight? AJ would say, "No, I think not."

And now, she comes across with this gem. Most of the comments are longer than her post. Nineteen words, if we count the "+" and "=" signs. And Flatman and I agree this leaves a bit to be desired in the blog department. So, it's blog ruling time.

Does AJ owe us an extra special post to make up for the serious lack of blog worthiness of this post? Or does she get a pass because it was the day before a three-day weekend? Will it even matter, as we don't know if she will survive the topic of said post and actually get something posted, today.

Is it merely a numbers game, or does quality count? (Remember, this is A.Maria, so it's more fun if we hold her feet to the fire, transgression or not).


Flatman said...

MAN LAW! (holding up one of AJ's empties...)

Veeg said...

Heeee! Oooh, you're gonna get a BEATING!

Myles said...

Totally a non post.

See you at IM Louisville!

a.maria said...


*incoherent garble incoherent garble*


Taconite Boy said...

I would make a ruling.......If i ever posted (humiliated kicking stone down street in shame)