Saturday, November 25, 2006

Swim, Rinse, Repeat

Twenty five days into November and I have 23 swims under my belt. At this point, it seems fair to say there have been some improvements. And despite the naysayers, Mike Ricci of D3 Multisport deserves to have his advice recognized.

Keep in mind that the "30 swims in 30 days" concept stemmed from a simple question. Given a routine of three swims per week, would it make sense to add an additional swim session? Mike's response was that I didn't need to add one, I needed to add four. In other words, I should be swimming every day (he compromised to almost every day, with Sunday being the common exception). I've done everything possible to follow that guidance.

It isn't Mike's goal that I somehow become a world class swimmer. He isn't seeking huge improvements in pace. He simply wants his swimmers to be in better shape when they get out of the water after a given swim distance. The bike and run will go better if the swim didn't wipe you out.

And while I am still fairly pokey, I am seeing improvements. The last two swims provided good data for comparison. Friday is 400s (300 swim, 100 drill) for one hour. The goal is to complete as many sets as possible in that 60 minute time frame. Previously, each swim went over one hour, with 2350 yards completed. Yesterday, I completed the swim in 59m40s. And the distance was 2440 yards. That is an extra 100 yards completed 26 seconds faster than prior swims.

Many other distances are showing improvements, as well. And at the end of the day, it is getting easier to complete the swims, and they are being accomplished in record time. Though overall I am tired, the numbers show improvements.

And as tired as I am, don't be surprised to see this post get edited. I just can't see very straight at the moment.

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Bigun said...

Great to hear that the method has improved your swimming - only 2 days into it, I'm anxious to see how it works for me. I was VERY suprised that after 2 days in a row swimming 45 min and 2100 yds that I could still finish the swim....swimming is just awesome. A stretch of 6 days in a row looms on the horizon....keep us up on your progress - it's very motivating!