Saturday, November 11, 2006

Like Christmas in, Um, November

Friday was a good day. The Fox Valley had a decent snowfall and I received a package from UPS. The snow was heavy, wet, and enough to warrant a trip outside to make snowmen. The package was my wetsuit.

Both had to wait until after dinner with Mrs. Pol and the children as well as a visit to my dad's house to help move some furniture. After getting home and winning the bedtime battle, I tested the fit of the wetsuit. While not an expert, it seems to fit very well. It is about as tight as I would want to wear, and Mrs. Pol questioned whether it would actually zip up. I can move my arms in a swimming motion, though it is VERY snug.

Everything I've read indicates that is about what it should be. The tags indicate the neoprene will loosen up in the water, and the tight fit on land will be more reasonable once it is wet. And with the snow falling, testing it in the lake may be a bad idea.

This morning, with snow still on the ground, it was off to the pool for a quick 1500 yard swim, followed by 45 minutes in the spin class. The instructor decided to be funny and simulate the Ironman Florida conditions. In other words, crank up the resistance and start biking. No standing up. No adjusting the resistance. Just bike with heavy tension, imagining a 17 MPH wind in your face. I only got the first half as Mrs. Pol had a committment, and I headed home.

So, with this early Christmas present, I have the major purchases out of the way. A few more minor things and I'm ready for Louisville. Well, that and a bit of training.


Duane said...

Will Louisville be your first IM?

nancytoby said...

Hooray for new stuff!!

Yeah, you have to make a point of getting in the water first for a little warmup and get the water swishing around inside to help it slide a little. Pee helps keep it warm, too. :-)

Iron Pol said...

Yes, Duane. Louisville will be the first IM distance. I will be racing a half IM 5 weeks prior to that. As usual, I jumped into the sport head first. Super sprint (220 swim, 15 bike, 5K run) followed by an Olympic distance. A co-worker asked me to do another sprint (1/2 mile swim, 29 bike, 5K run) the week after the Olympic.

Then Roman came out with the IM Wisconsin idea, and I was unable to register. Then, Louisville showed up, and I was hooked.

Spokane Al said...

Glad to see that things are falling into place for you. Don't forget the Bodyglide.

Deb said...

How fun is that.... a wetsuit delivery in the snow!! Plenty of time to train with it in the pool to. Be sure to rinse that baby out well with all that exposure to the chlorine.

bbieberitz said...

why don't you bust out the suit in Winnebago? some booties and a neoprene cap and you are set :)

Comm's said...

I think a good test for your wetsuit would be to put it on and run in the snow!!!

Now that is hardcore

Bigun said...

All of my wetsuit swims have been at races only. It's always too tight, but it always feels soooooo fast! This last 1/2 iron swim was more of the same, except the claustrophobic feeling wasn't there at all - good to know as you get some experience, the bad feelings go away! Enjoy your new suit!