Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Roll the Odometer

Once upon a time, cars came with odometers that rolled at 99,999 miles. Newer vehicles, generally expected to cover more miles in their lifetime, have the extra place that allows them to show 100,000 miles (and would require a million miles to roll over). Even without the rollover, hitting 100,000 miles on a car is something most drivers like to watch when it happens.

100,000 of anything is a lot. A city of 100,000 people can hardly be called a small town. Collect 100,000 pennies, and people in your life might wonder at the 30 gallon trash cans filled with coins. And driving 100,000 miles takes several years for the average American.

Today, I achieved my own 100,000. With my 2000 yard swim, this morning, I completed just over 101, 000 yards since I began tracking my workouts. Though low by some standards, this is just over 57 miles in the water, and a huge accomplishment for someone who could barely swim 200 yards in February.

Now, the real question. Am I an old model that rolls the odometer at 100,000? Or am I a new model that has the extra digit? A million yards will take a bit longer to achieve.


Bigun said...

You got me "in" - the day after turkey day until the day before christmas (or so) I'll be doing the 30 for 30 swim challenge - the days are marked on the training log, it's just a matter of doing them - thanks for the motivation!

bbieberitz said...

100K is quite an accomplishment for swimming. That is a lot of laps! I hit mine a few months ago and pretty much stopped after I hit that number. I am starting again in a week but a good break to start it over again and next years total has to be more. Hit the pool and break that number!!