Sunday, November 26, 2006

Monster Girl Version 1.0

One year ago, the entire Pol family was in the hospital. Actually, B-Boy was bouncing between the neighbor's house, my best friend's house, and the hospital. Mrs. Pol and I made an unexpected and early trip to the hospital on the day after Thanksgiving and Monster Girl made her grand entrance. With that sort of an arrival, she is destined to be a day after Thanksgiving shopper.

A lot has changed during Monster Girl's first year in the family. We have adapted to having two children. I have learned about being dad all over again, as boys and girls ARE different. Our schedules have flexed around the demands of the church, the community, and the family.

And I became a triathlete. Oddly, that is all part of the bigger picture. Triathlons have meshed perfectly with my life goal of improving in a four-fold sense. Taken from Luke 2:52, which indicates Jesus increased in strength and wisdom, and in favor with God and man, four-fold living focuses on mental, physical, social, and religious development. Growth in those four areas helps me set a good example for my children.

So good, in fact, that B-Boy woke up from his nap and caught part of the Ironman Austria telecast. And then pleaded with me to let him go "work out" with me. While that entailed him riding in his jogging stroller while I ran, he very much wants to participate in my exercise routine. Hopefully, Monster Girl does the same.

Monster Girl's first year was one of change. Her second year promises more of the same as preparations for Ironman Louisville begin in earnest. We'll have to wait until her second birthday to review the extent of the change.


Kewl Nitrox said...

What a fantastic role model!

R1 has just learnt to ride his bike without his training wheels and we have re-started our weekly ride to the club (4-5km), where we have a swim and then bike back. Maybe he'll be a triathlete yet. :)

tarheeltri said...

You are definitely setting a good example and despite their early ages, as I'm sure you know, kids really do pay attention to what their parents do! My daughter started asking for a "race number" almost as soon as she learned the words. By the way, really great people are born around Thanksgiving :)